If not, it's probably another marsh dragon. You get a point for every fruit you slice. It is always being improved and enhanced. Set a specific, clearly defined question and let others answer your question or view answers to previously asked questions. Please take a look around and contribute through comments and in the forums. They will be able to grow treats to feed dragons.At some point they will be ready to go to the Coliseum to compete against other dragons. Kids will love the satisfaction of watching their dragons grow and evolve. Place a comment here or on our fanpage. visit the following webpage. Players should never rely on Breeding Calculator percentage as a way to identify what will work for them. Then you simply tap the screen when your dragons line lines up with the boost lines on the track. I just makes it a little easier to get your essentials necessary to raise your dragon such as food, gems and coins. Players born in March will probably want to get this dragon. Aquamarine Dragon breeding guide: You can get the Aquamarine Dragon by using a River Dragon and a Iceberg Dragon in your breeding tree. More great news for you fans! Breed all dragons on Dragonvale. Free diamonds and money! Dragonvale Christmas version comes out with new Dragons. Below, I have created a table outlining the basic year round breeding combinations you can perform. Maybe like me, you've found this little pain in the butt difficult to acquire. When you add in realistic wait periods for sleeping and life, the faster breeding choice could save you a day or more of time spent hunting this elusive creature. So breeding a metal/water hybrid with lightning, or a lightning/metal hybrid with water, or any combination of the above, have a chance to result in a Cyclops dragon. The Celtic Dragon is only available for the next 1 day, 7 hours. Feel free to answer some of them if you know the answer. Become the most powerful ruler in all the lands! Invariably, there is always more breeding I could be doing, even though I tend to sit fairly close to a complete set most of the time. Cold Competitor (10 points) - Receive a Gold Trophy from the Colosseum for a cold dragon event. After all the effort she put into creating the greatest topiary in the land, it was as if the flowers themselves rewarded her for her labors. This is the best place for Dragonvale Gem Cheats, and it collects all the questions, answers and strategy guide about Dragonvale Gem Cheats for iphone, ipad, itouch. The program is save to, undetectable, due proxies use (it auto-harvests them) and it has a secured connection button to Facebook for you to login. It automatically connects with your account and hacks the game. Level 10 Dragon (25 points) - Level a dragon to full maturity.